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Apoptosis & Dietary Apoptogens

"A New Approach to Veterinary Practice Challenges: Bumps, Lumps and Dietary Apoptogens" by Susan Ettinger, DVM, ACVIM (Oncology) & Demian Dressler, DVM, is a white paper available to our members that discusses some of the newest information on apoptogens.

Partnering with Vets

With roots in veterinary medicine and clinical practice, we know how hard veterinarians work to serve their patients. If you're a veterinarian, this is the information portal about our products, built just for you.

Free Book Download

Receive a free copy of the best-selling book, "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity" written by Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM and Dr. Susan Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology) when you sign up.

For the first 72 hours of your access, you can download an eBook edition of the bestselling animal health book, The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, by Demain Dressler, DVM, and Susan Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology).



Because veterinarians have asked us to, we also sell direct to many veterinary practices. We have built a robust, state-of-the-art online ordering and fulfillment system that makes it fast, easy and convenient for our direct wholesale customers to order from us 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.



Exclusive Veterinary Videos

Dr. Demian Dressler presents The Private Practice Cancer Care Series. In this series, private practice veterinarians will get high quality, up-to-date recommendations on how to care for neoplastic canines, especially when owners can't (or won't) take a specialist referral. In addition to conventional, dietary, and supplement strategies, you'll get excellent insight into how to manage client expectations and build trust while navigating this most complex of diagnoses.

International Vet Information


Functional Nutriments sells products globally. Inside, our international veterinarian partners can learn how to order products directly or find distributors in their area. Additionally, a variety of translated marketing materials, shipping and customs information will be available after you log in. 

Product Brochures, Discharge Papers & Additional Resources